Hiuma collection is all about Baltic colours, minimalistic design and high quality of products.

For this collection we found inspiration in the colours and nature of the coast of the Baltic Sea. We have chosen colours of amber, sand, sunsets and sea water. We have sewn our products in Poland from fabric that has been woven in Poland. The base of our products is our native linen, the quality of which is appreciated all over the world. It is only the waffle linen fabrics that comes from our Lithuanian Baltic neighbours.

In our collection you will find several items that we consider to be the must have beach accessories. We believe in minimalism and simplicity, that is why our goal was to create only a few products that we have refined to perfection.

Photographer: Kornelia Kruczek

hiuma store, lniany worek dla dziecka, worek na plecy, lniany worek na plażę

drewniane zabawki na plażę hiuma

hiuma naturalne akcesoria plażowe

hiuma skandynawskie akcesoria na plażę

hiuma skandynawskie akcesoria na plażę

Check what we’ve created in Hiuma 2020 collection

  • Zestaw plażowy Hel

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  • Plecak

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  • Koc plażowy

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  • Ręcznik lniany ponczo

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